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Californian Poppy - 50ml
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Californian Poppy - 50ml

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 New bottle - now 50ml in stock for delivery mid november

(Based on 2 Reviews)

Price: £35.00

Product Code: CAL26
Reviews / Comments
Comment: Perfumes
"Hi my name is Lorraine... My mother had use California Poppy perfumes before back in her 20's she toll me about it and I try everywhere looking for it... And I never find it.. Please I really really need 1 for my mother birthday this is my only hope.. PLEASE HELP ME"
Nov 19 2014, 07:27 AMby Lorraine Neale

Beautiful perfume
"For many years, my Gran talked about a perfume called Californian Poppy, which she loved when she was in her 20s but had sadly been discontinued. She was absolutely thrilled when I bought the perfume for her birthday and she said it smells every bit as good as she remembers it. I recently bought a bottle for myself as I loved smelling it whenever I visited my Gran. The perfume evokes a feel of glamour from days gone by and I've had several compliments whenever I've worn the perfume. I shall certainly be buying another bottle when mine runs out and I'm so glad I was able to buy a bottle for my Gran."
Jul 20 2012, 23:03 PMby Ceridwen

California Poppy
"I remember my mother using this perfume when I was a little girl. One day we were talking about perfumes and my Mother (91) said how she would love to have a bottle of California poppy, but I don't think they make it any more. I looked everywhere, asked loads of people but no joy; I just couldn't find it so I tried the Internet and thank goodness for Feathergills Emporium. I can truly say I don't know who was more excited when it arrived It put a great big smile on my Mothers face and it smells lovely. Thank You."
Jan 02 2011, 00:02 AMby B Santa Maria

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